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Dr. Kathy Crockett
It's 2022. How's It Going?

Professional Development Programs
Executive Coach

Dr. Crockett offers questions to ask yourself and your team as a way to press pause to take a look at how things are going personally and professionally. What are areas where adjustments may need to be made to live well in this season?

Brandon Mulkey
Building a Resilient Culture

Chick-fil-a Operator
12 Years in Corporate Finance Natural Gas Industry

Brandon’s shares processes and strategies for creating a culture that develops team members and helps the organization win – even in challenging times. His engaging stories and practical ideas can be applied to any team.

Dr.  Kathy Crockett
Is it a Problem or a Straw? How Brushfires turn into Bonfires in our Thinking.

Dr. Crockett asks you to consider a problem that is facing you right now. Is it really a big deal or just the last straw on the camel’s back that causes you to be frustrated? She shares a model based on the work in Conversational Intelligence by of Judith Glaser called the Ladder of Conclusions. Every conversation has a neurochemical component. Dr. Crockett shares how our neurochemistry leads to our bioreactions to situations (what happens to you when you are feeling like something is wrong – does your mouth get dry? Heartbeat faster? Face get red?) and how we can make assumptions to fill in the blanks to understand. How we can make stuff up and get into fear and judgment. She goes on to share a super-power all humans have to be able to stay in rational thought and get away from making stuff up so that conversations, problem solving, and strategy go much better.

Dr. Michelle McCord 
You Can Do Hard Things

Superintendent Frenship Schools

Dr. McCord offers authentic insights into how leaders can do hard things. She offers practical examples of challenges and ways to work through them.

Dr. Kathy Crockett 
Facing the Friction –
Task vs. Relationship in Decision Making and Conflict

Dr. Crockett helps you understand how the task at hand and the level of relationship with the person can give you a strategic way to address conflict and decision making. Often people use avoidance or compromise in these types of situations. Yet there are three other strategic ways to navigate through these situations that are shared.

Jimmy Moore
Facing the Giants With Courage & Integrity

Jimmy Moore shares touching stories of his life and his work. He is passionate about serving others and reminds leaders of the difference they make each day.​​

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