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FALL 2022

Dr. Kathy Crockett

How's It Going?

Professional Development Programs
Executive Coach

Dr. Crockett offers questions to ask yourself and your team as a way to press pause to take a look at how things are going personally and professionally. What are areas where adjustments may need to be made to live well in this season?

Phil Pirkle

Leading with Service

An expert on the people side of the balance sheet
Executive Coach

Phil is a master facilitator for strategic planning groups, team building, and integration of corporate culture. With more than 40 years of executive-level experience, the proverbial “been there, done that” holds true. 

Dr.  Kathy Crockett
Lead Energy vs Manage Your time

Dr. Crockett challenges you to think more strategically like a chess player in leading your energy vs. a checkers player in managing your time.

Dr. Kathy Crockett 
Stages of Change – Relax in the Process

Dr. Crockett will share 5 Stages of Change and strategic ways to help your team move through the stages successfully in ways that helps the changes stick.

Kerri will share practical strategies to live with more intention personally and professionally.

Kerri Thompson

Out of Focus – Simple Tools for Intentional Living

Director of Marketing and Business Coach WestMark Companies

Blake Buchanan

The Culture Matrix

CEO - Bahama Bucks

Blake Buchanan shares some tried and proven systems that have helped Bahama Bucks create a world class culture by strategically understanding the relationship between performance and humanity/compassion.

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