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LEAD WELL Session 1


This practical strategy helps leaders recognize and navigate burnout not only for themselves, but also those they lead.

Leaders are concerned about many things. It can be difficult at times to have the discipline to focus on our area of influence vs. the larger area of concern. Having the role clarity and self awareness to know where we have influence, and then be able to focus our efforts, is a strategic mindset that can serve leaders well.

By asking the question ‘What job has this          been hired to do ? Fill in the blank with anything you have been asked to do. By asking this question it can help tremendously with role clarity.

Book Reviews


4th Grade
by Bobb Biehl


People Fuel
by John Townsend


What Got You Here Won't Get You There
by Marshall Goldsmith

Resiliency is an important skill leaders need in order to navigate the challenges and obstacles that exist in executing good work. There are many applications of resiliency - for this video the focus is compartmentalization.


Necessary Endings by Dr. Henry Cloud

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